About Us

Roxanne Tiffin, Owner of Kula Fields

Photo by Peter Liu

“Valuing health and convenience is why we deliver fresh, local, and nutritious foods to island residents.  We are driven by the understanding and benefits of eating well.” – Roxanne Tiffin


Kula Fields was created by owner, Roxanne Tiffin, a busy mom of 3 beautiful children, who couldn’t bear to take all of her kids to the store for groceries without losing her sanity. She found that the local Farmer’s Market’s times & locations were too infrequent or far to go for local produce. Sensing that she wasn’t the only one with struggles like these, Kula Fields delivery service was born.

Living in Kula, surrounded by rolling hills & farmland, Roxanne, figured there had to be a way to enjoy all the goodness that she was surrounded by. Learning that 85% of Hawaii’s food supply was imported from elsewhere, She decided that the food she was feeding herself & her family couldn’t be that good for anyone & that the REAL costs involved in getting that food here were too high.

Roxanne is originally from Chicago, Illinois. There, she & her husband, Jesse, planted & maintained a medicinal herb, vegetable, & fruit orchard spanning 10 acres. Roxanne & Jesse used these gardens to teach students to identify medicinal herbs & to promote healthy living. Roxanne also solely ran a natural food buying co-op, The Good Earth, that served several families &  restaurants in the Chicagoland suburbs.

After moving to Maui in 2004, she worked as a Buyer for Mana Health Foods for 3 years. Roxanne holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. She encourages people to take charge of their own health by educating themselves about their diets, lifestyles, & then making appropriate changes.

She understands the value of eating well.  Knowing that the best dishes are prepared from the freshest regional ingredients is why she started Kula Fields.  An avid member of Slow Food, she enjoys cooking & sharing good food with family and friends.  She feels that sharing the pleasures of the table is where memorable experiences transpire and the growing of community flourishes.