Kula Fields | What’s In The Box? | April 9-12, 2014

Kula Fields Produce Boxes 04-09-14 The sun is shining and the weather is beautiful today! Sadly, due to recent high winds, the mangoes were blown off the trees and onto the ground. It also damaged the tender new plantings of cucumbers and zucchini. Seems our farmers can’t win.
Other farmers are just starting to get plants into the ground. It’s been so saturated lately. While things have been looking “ho-hum” produce wise the past few months, today’s sunshine promises of goodness to come. I cannot wait!
Here’s what’s on tap for Kula Fields produce deliveries this week:

On Maui & Oahu:
Pineapple – (C)
Bananas – (S)
Beets – (S)
Baby Bok Choy – (S)
Green Beans – (S)
Potatoes – (S)
Lettuce – (S)
Kale – (S)
Chives – (S)

(C) – Conventional (S) – Sustainable/Non-Sprayed (O) – Certified Organic

Possible substitutions this week include:

Sweet potatoes, avocado, mango, ginger, peppers, green beans, corn, & tomatoes

***Note that these items are never guaranteed until picked up from the farmers. Weather, pests, & other natural occurrences could mean that some items on this list are unavailable.