Kula Fields | What’s In The Box? | May 14-17, 2014

Kula Fields Eggplant 05-14-14

Eggplant is my most favorite vegetable.  So lucky to have two kinds this week. Both certified organic.
Kale is back on the menu and so are mushrooms.  I think I’m in heaven!
Here’s is what else is on tap for Kula Fields produce deliveries this week:

On Maui & Oahu: 
Strawberry Papaya – (S)
Bananas – (O)
Crimini Mushrooms – (O)
Curly Kale – (S)
Eggplant – (O)
Double Lettuce – (S) & (O)
Tomatoes – (S)
Green Onions – (S)
Oregano – (S)

(C) – Conventional (S) – Sustainable/Non-Sprayed (O) – Certified Organic

Possible substitutions this week include:

Sweet potatoes, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, green beans,  zucchini & cucumber

***Note that these items are never guaranteed until picked up from the farmers. Weather, pests, & other natural occurrences could mean that some items on this list are unavailable.