We’ve Got The Beef! | Organically Raised Pastured Beef

Beef and Blooms Organically Raised Pastured Cows

You asked for it and now we can deliver.  We have some of the best local beef in the islands from the good folks at Beef and Blooms located in Kula

Four generations ago, Manual Jacintho worked as a mason, saved his earnings, and purchased small properties in the Kula area. He started a part-time Black Angus ranch to feed his family, and supplement the family income. The healthy grass growing on the pastures’ naturally rich soil, kept a healthy breed of cattle thriving. He raised his animals without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or artificial stimulants. This tradition has been kept in the family for four generations. Today, the tradition of the family farm provides you an improved choice of Certified Organic Beef that is produced in the healthy way beef is intended. Today, the ranch raises Angus, Brangus, and Wagyu.

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